Two Weeks Worth

Figures I set a blog challenge and then I’m without internet the very next day. When the internet is back on, the charger for my laptop starts shooting sparks at me! At least I’ve been able to keep up this challenge via Instagram. If you follow me there then you’ve seen most of these already. […]

Little Explorers

Its been a while since we visited Wegerzyn. A children’s garden seems like the perfect place to hang out and explore when temps are in the 70’s. I may not always feel like answering the hundreds of questions they ask me all day, every single day, but I hope they keep this curiosity and love […]

First Snow

  This Virginia weather is crazy! Exactly one week ago we were at the beach and Samuel was running around barefoot. The kids were beyond thrilled to see the snow had been untouched and they were the first ones to run around in the court playing in it. For weeks I’ve been looking at snow […]

Focus on The Good

Look at my babies…growing so fast! We started back to homeschool co-op last month. They were pretty excited to see their friends again. The girls are taking some cool classes this semester and I love hearing about how much fun they’re having on our drive home. My family celebrated 35yrs of me being on this […]

Snapshots: Exploring The Virginia War Museum

I’m having fun playing with my new toy. Can you guess what it is? There are so many Museums to visit here and we’re just now making our way through them, after living here for 4yrs. The Virginia War Museum was pretty fascinating….I figured Samuel would love seeing the tanks at the museum and I […]

Lately via Instagram

I haven’t been writing much lately, but at the same time I miss this space. I’m going to make an effort to make time to write here. Aside from being busy raising three little humans, I’ve felt like I didn’t have much to say. I may be slowly coming out of that. I still have […]