Unschooling: Getting It

This last year my faith in a lot of things has been shaky, unschooling was one of those things. I started wondering if maybe I should introduce some sort of curriculum and make them do worksheets. I questioned if I was doing the right thing. I attribute that to all of the recent changes in our life […]

The Simple Things & Deschooling

Lots of people talk about the simple things in life. I really saw it today watching Nakiah and Ava play. It started this morning. They put as many clips as they could find into their Barbie dolls hair. N: “yook mommy, isn’t she booful” A: “yook at mine, mine booful too” They ran around the […]

Nakiah’s photo session

Nakiah saw me uploading the other pictures earlier, so she wanted to see the camera. It wasn’t on at first, but once she figured it out, she lit up like a Christmas tree. She took several pictures, and named everything. Future Photographer? Hmmm…maybe 🙂 A pic off of the computer The stroller The horse Mommy’s […]