A Home Waterbirth After Three Cesareans

Women need to know that their bodies are not broken. Thank you Bethany for sharing your beautiful birth story and video with us. ********** Back story: My first child was born on 10-19-00 after an unnecessary induction turned into an “emergency” c-section. I was told by my doctors that vbacs were very unsafe and that the […]

Unassisted Birth Video

I have always loved watching birth videos. This is one of my favorites that I watched when I was pregnant with Samuel. They don’t show the actual birth, but it’s still beautiful. The moments of her pregnancy and labor that they do show are so precious. I like this video because she seemed centered and […]

Aja From Kindred the Family Soul on Homebirth.

You may have seen/heard this video and interview with Tom Joyner floating around the internet the past few days. Aja from Kindred the Family Soul. She and her husband welcomed their sixth child not too long ago.  She had a homebirth(this wasn’t her first one) and that is what she talked about on the radio […]

Birth Story of The Week: The Home Waterbirth of Samuel

Samuel is one today! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. For some reason I have been super emotional about him turning one. I wasn’t as emotional as I was with the girls. It’s not because he’s a boy. I don’t really know why. I just know that this year has flown by […]

Homebirth Documentary Project

I tried to get this post up yesterday. Not sure why I was having so much trouble. I love this short documentary. A husband and wife and their children talk about the benefits of homebirth. There are two parts. They talk about how normal and natural birth is. The role of the midwife, support of […]