Our Winter Rhythm

I think we’re slowly finding our winter rhythm. Samuel’s asthma is pretty severe, and after all of the ER and Dr visits since September, coupled with his hospital stay last month, his Pediatrician strongly suggested we stay indoors unless we absolutely need to go out. That means on days when it warms up to the […]


The process of creating is so satisfying. You take nothing and turn it into any kind of something you want. What I love most about creating is that there isn’t any one way to do it. Creating with paint. Organizing and creating spaces to enjoy books, puzzles, flashcards. Ava researched bakeable clay on YouTube(she really […]

Focus on The Good

Look at my babies…growing so fast! We started back to homeschool co-op last month. They were pretty excited to see their friends again. The girls are taking some cool classes this semester and I love hearing about how much fun they’re having on our drive home. My family celebrated 35yrs of me being on this […]

on my needles

All the knitting I’ve been doing lately has me feeling productive in the do something for myself area of my life. I don’t even remember what I was making in the first set of photos – I knew when I cast on that it may not stay on my needles. I do remember wanting to give […]

on my needles

Remember when I wanted to get a start on winter knits for the kids waaaay back in May/June? Yea…life happened and here I am getting serious about it in September. Kiah picked this yarn(the colors are very vibrant – just like her)from HauteKnitYarn and I think she’s going to love the finished product. The colors look […]

on my needles

  I’ve been getting back to my knitting projects over the last few weeks, moving from simple cowls to simple shawls. Lots of chamomile tea has been involved as well. When I was laying the one from the top photo out, Ava walked over and started talking about how pretty it was. Her next question “Can […]