Five Activities For Sensory Seekers

Do you have a sensory seeking child? If so,  they probably enjoy getting really messy. I’ve had parents ask how I can stand to let my kids play in the mud and get so dirty. I don’t want to get down and dirty like that, but my kids absolutely love it and it washes off with soap […]

Unschooling: Getting It

This last year my faith in a lot of things has been shaky, unschooling was one of those things. I started wondering if maybe I should introduce some sort of curriculum and make them do worksheets. I questioned if I was doing the right thing. I attribute that to all of the recent changes in our life […]

Interview With a Black Unschooler

    Today I’m bringing you an interview from Patrice London, a Black Unschooling, Work from Home Mother of three. Even though families have been unschooling for some time now, it has recently started to gain attention in the mainstream media.There are always lots of questions about how children can learn without a curriculum, or […]

Reading and writing

Nakiah has become more and more interested in letters, numbers and words recently. She’s writing more and more letters of the alphabet. She loves to copy them from all over the place. Sometimes we’ll sit in the driveway and she’ll copy the letters off my dads van. When we are out and about, she wants […]