Midwifery and Racial Oppression, #BlkBFing Chat Highlights, Black Women and Medicaid Podcast and More!

I’m going to try my best to post weekly/bi-weekly links to articles I come across. I forget that not everyone uses Facebook and Twitter, and that’s where I post most of the things I come across. Anti-Racism and Anti- Oppression Work In Midwifery – Letter To Midwifery Today: Real Talk About Midwifery and Racial Oppression. […]

History of The Black Midwife

I’ve been doing some reading and video watching lately. Since I want to become a midwife someday I wanted to know where the black midwife originated. I came across this great article titled Black Midwives, From Africa to Now. Here is a clip from the article. Unlike the history of Anglo- midwifery, midwives of African […]