What Does Unschooling Look Like?

What exactly is the definition of Unschooling? What does Unschooling look like and how do you do it? For me, it’s like my favorite recipe…..follow my child’s interests, add a lot of free play, plenty of time for exploring, and create a rich learning environment. Simply put, learning through living. Last week was unusually full […]

Best Interview Ever

I especially loved their answers to the questions about which animal they would want to be and where they would like to visit. Samuel is 4.5yrs, Ava is 7.5yrs, and Nakiah is 10yrs. What is your favorite color? Samuel: red Ava: Purple Nakiah: Pink What’s your Favorite food? Samuel: chicken that peepaw eats cause it’s […]

Beauty In The Everyday

Sometimes the daily tasks of motherhood can wear me down. In and out of the kitchen making food, cleaning up, answering questions, stopping arguments, Dr’s and dentist appointments. All of that gets magnified when the weather is as gloomy as it has been. And then there are times when I stop to look and see […]

Tis The Season

When the temp is near 70 in December it’s the law that we find a way to enjoy the weather. The Northern girl in me wants snow at this time of year because that’s what I grew up with, but I can easily take warmish park days. This has been a really busy month! I […]


I have finally accepted that Fall is here, sometimes. The temps are cooler, more and more leaves are falling, and I’ve seen Christmas decorations out in some stores. I’m looking forward to hot chocolate or chocolate flavored coffee, yum! Oh, and I get to wear my favorite fall fashion…boots and cowls, just as soon as […]