Tiny Moments

Is it possible to have a long week that flies by? That’s what this week has been like for me. Actually, the last 2-3 weeks have felt like this…very long, but we’re already in the middle of November. In between minor colds and asthma flare-ups with Ava and Samuel, and allergy testing for Samuel(I’m still […]

Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Samuel had to have blood drawn today and he was not happy about it. The temps are back in the high 80’s and it was a teensy bit humid today, so I promised the kids slushies and a park once we left the hospital. This time we visited Thomas Cloud Park. The kids played and […]

My Definition of Happiness

There is nothing like the sound of children laughing one of those full belly laughs. I came out from the laundry room to this scene the other day. Ava said Samuel was torturing her…they were both laughing so hard. Samuel looks like he’s taking a breather before he starts round 2 of sibling torture aka […]

I Am Not My Mother

Even as a child, Mother’s Day always felt dark to me. I’ve mentioned before how toxic my mother was. Wish I could say she’s changed, but she hasn’t. To this day I get flashes of my little 5yr old body hitting the red linoleum tile in our dining room….I don’t remember why she kept knocking […]