We’ve spent the majority of our time at home this week. Partly because of the cold, rainy weather and partly because I knew we would be going non-stop Fri-Sun. We made dairy/egg free cupcakes with this recipe. We’ll try the chocolate ones next time, but I must’ve done something wrong or maybe I just need to […]

About Last Week…

The weather has been gorgeous over the last several days. I love walking into the living room/kitchen area on sunny days because the light and shadows are so pretty around 7-8am. Sometimes one of the kids might be up, usually Nakiah or Samuel, and other times I’m the only one up. It’s still pretty quiet […]

A week of slow

I started the week off watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey and working on my cowl. Finally found the mustard yellow I’ve been wanting for months, and I love it! This is Big Twist Chunky wool blend from Joann Fabric, and I see it’s still on sale….may have to go grab several more skeins. I […]

The Struggle

All moms know The Struggle. It comes in various forms at various times. Sometimes we can feel it coming, but sometimes we are completely blindsided by it. Tuesday was an extremely hard day for me. I was really struggling to pull myself together.  I was unable to function for a few days last week. I caught a […]