on my needles

  I have been a knitting machine this past week! Chunky yarn and big needles helped the process. I cast on for this Drop Stitch Cowl and almost finished it the same day….the problem was that I was tired and started rushing, thought I had enough yarn to do another row of the drop stitch, […]

random thoughts

I’m sitting in Starbucks enjoying a peppermint mocha with a pecan sticky bun, so good! Trying to take better care of myself and that means getting time to myself whenever possible. I don’t know when it will happen again, so I make sure to enjoy it! I’ve enjoyed NaBloPoMo so far and can’t believe I […]

Sunday Dresses

Oh gosh….I feel like I can’t even form complete thoughts right now. This has been a wild Sunday! Maybe I’ll be able to tell you the story later this week, or maybe I’ll spare you the details. You can settle for my adorable children all ready for Sunday School, right? I’m on the lookout for […]