I have finally accepted that Fall is here, sometimes. The temps are cooler, more and more leaves are falling, and I’ve seen Christmas decorations out in some stores. I’m looking forward to hot chocolate or chocolate flavored coffee, yum! Oh, and I get to wear my favorite fall fashion…boots and cowls, just as soon as […]


I am so glad I’ve made a point to document the good moments, because it’s only Monday and I’m already done. Samuel has been a force….and we’re both low on sleep. He’s been melting down left and right today. Maybe he’s still not feeling well. Whatever it is….I hope it passes quickly. A little peek […]

Welcoming Fall

  I think Fall has permanently landed in Southern Virginia. We’re having cooler temperatures and that means it’s time for… Boots and sweaters! The sounds of leaves crunching under our feet. Pots of Chili. Kiah saying it smells like snow and asking if we’ll get some this year. Falling back an hour in time. Thinking […]

Lately via Instagram

I haven’t been writing much lately, but at the same time I miss this space. I’m going to make an effort to make time to write here. Aside from being busy raising three little humans, I’ve felt like I didn’t have much to say. I may be slowly coming out of that. I still have […]

Snapshots: Skywatch

I just love looking at the sky. It’s so pretty and can also be calming for me. A gorgeous sky over the beach? Perfect combination! Even though I prefer sunny days to rainy ones, I can appreciate good storm clouds, and sunsets are quickly becoming a favorite. I need a “real” camera to get nice […]