The Struggle

All moms know The Struggle. It comes in various forms at various times. Sometimes we can feel it coming, but sometimes we are completely blindsided by it. Tuesday was an extremely hard day for me. I was really struggling to pull myself together.  I was unable to function for a few days last week. I caught a […]

Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Samuel had to have blood drawn today and he was not happy about it. The temps are back in the high 80’s and it was a teensy bit humid today, so I promised the kids slushies and a park once we left the hospital. This time we visited Thomas Cloud Park. The kids played and […]

A peek at life in the 1880’s

Carriage Hill, a historical farm and metropark. The country store was our first stop since we didn’t get a chance to see it when we were here last summer. The kids ran in different directions to explore. And is this an 1880’s firetruck? The house wasn’t open last June when we visited, so when Kiah […]


There’s something special about the beach at sunset. I love the way the sun sparkles like diamonds on the water. The beach is quiet at sunset….most of the people have left, and instead of chatter and laughter, you hear the sounds of the waves. We spent 8hrs at the beach on this day and it […]

The Great Outdoors

I never have been a hike in the woods or walk the mountain trail kinda girl. I don’t fish or camp and have a major bug phobia, but I do enjoy hanging out at the park, the beach, visiting garden centers, farmers markets, and relaxing on our back patio. I love this photo…the way Samuel […]