Lately via Instagram

I haven’t been writing much lately, but at the same time I miss this space. I’m going to make an effort to make time to write here. Aside from being busy raising three little humans, I’ve felt like I didn’t have much to say. I may be slowly coming out of that. I still have […]

Five Activities For Sensory Seekers

Do you have a sensory seeking child? If so,  they probably enjoy getting really messy. I’ve had parents ask how I can stand to let my kids play in the mud and get so dirty. I don’t want to get down and dirty like that, but my kids absolutely love it and it washes off with soap […]


1won·der noun \ˈwən-dər\ 1 a : a cause of astonishment or admiration : marvel <it’s a wonder you weren’t killed> something extraordinary or surprising. b : miracle Full: Containing or seeming to contain the greatest quantity or number possible. These are the definitions from the Merriam Webster dictionary. ****** In the midst of all of […]

Six Favorite Things

Remember Oprah’s Annual Favorite Things? Well, mine won’t be that grand but I think they’re still nice. After my last post I thought something light and fun was in order. International Delight Coffee Creamer Singles –  So far I’ve tried Heath and Caramel Macchiato. Makes waking up in the morning taste so much better. LOST […]