Shadow Shot Sunday: Snow flakes

The girls have asked since Christmas “when is it going to snow?” Sadly, my reply was always the same. “It doesn’t snow here.” It started snowing last night here in southern VA, and didn’t stop until later in the afternoon. We were all so excited! We just had to go out and play in it. […]

Shadow Shot Sunday. Jan 10th

It feels so good to be able to take part in Shadow Shot Sunday again! I really missed having a camera over the summer and into the fall. This was taken the other day when we were outside playing. I thought it would be a great picture for SSS. For more shadows check out Hey […]

Checking out the Fall scenery

That’s what we’ve been up to the past few days. Yesterday was kind of cold and windy, but that never stops the girls from wanting to go out. On Monday it was really nice out. The sun was shining and it was actually warm out. We took a walk to the store, and they stomped […]

The Simple Things & Deschooling

Lots of people talk about the simple things in life. I really saw it today watching Nakiah and Ava play. It started this morning. They put as many clips as they could find into their Barbie dolls hair. N: “yook mommy, isn’t she booful” A: “yook at mine, mine booful too” They ran around the […]