Kenton County STREAM Center

I was invited to a blogger event for the new STREAM Center in Kentucky a couple of weeks ago. As you know, I live in Ohio, but it was only an hour drive, and totally worth it. The new (S)cience (T)echnology (R)eading (E)ngineering (A)rt (M)ath  Center is pretty great. I wish we had one closer to us, but […]

on my needles

A couple weeks ago I ripped several projects. It was surprisingly cathartic. I wanted to knit something simple and fairly quick. I spent hours some time on Ravelry looking at easy/beginner shawls, but couldn’t find a pattern that my Dyslexic brain wouldn’t screw up. Then I found a couple that I liked… this one and this […]

on my needles and my hook

The skirts are slow going. Since I’m not following a pattern I have free reign, and decided to do the purl ribbing after every six rows of knitting. At one point I actually thought about frogging it so I could make the entire skirt like that…thankfully I came to my senses. I decided to work […]

Reading and writing

Nakiah has become more and more interested in letters, numbers and words recently. She’s writing more and more letters of the alphabet. She loves to copy them from all over the place. Sometimes we’ll sit in the driveway and she’ll copy the letters off my dads van. When we are out and about, she wants […]