Samuel woke up Wednesday morning asking how the sun can shine so bright on us if it’s so far away. There are times when my kids ask me questions like that, and I want to make sure I give them the perfect and correct answer.  I explained that the earth was the 3rd planet from […]

Single Mom-Homeschooling-Daily Life Tool Kit

This month started out so strong. Everything seemed to be going according to plan and then Murphy’s Law happened…. of course it did. We’re in the middle of the month and my to do list is nowhere near completed. There are a few things I can push until next month, or the end of summer, […]

Surviving and Thriving

We(me and the kids) are doing 100% better than we were during my 8yrs of marriage. I tried – I tried everything, counseling, praying, changing, begging, pleading, crying, yelling blaming myself, and then my spirit broke. Then came a moment where I said ENOUGH! Life didn’t magically get better – it’s been one of the hardest […]