Mini Adventuring

How is it almost the middle of August!? In the last seven days we’ve done a little mini adventuring. It’s been really hot and humid during the day so I waited until late afternoon/early evening to get out. The new library opened up and we each have a card…. it’s adorable and the staff is super […]

Two Weeks Worth

Figures I set a blog challenge and then I’m without internet the very next day. When the internet is back on, the charger for my laptop starts shooting sparks at me! At least I’ve been able to keep up this challenge via Instagram. If you follow me there then you’ve seen most of these already. […]

Children in Nature: Summer Golden Hour Fun

Feels like summer is finally here to stay! We tried a new trail but didn’t stay on it long….we all thought it was boring compared to the others we’ve been on. We did find a couple interesting things in the short time we were there, so the trip wasn’t a total waste. Giant mushrooms growing […]