His Thoughts On Birth

This is a post my husband wrote back in July of 2010 on my other blog. These are his thoughts on birth and have not been edited in any way. ****** Before I met my wife I had opinions on home birth and natural parenting. I always thought it was for “all natural people” that […]

A Home Waterbirth After Three Cesareans

Women need to know that their bodies are not broken. Thank you Bethany for sharing your beautiful birth story and video with us. ********** Back story: My first child was born on 10-19-00 after an unnecessary induction turned into an “emergency” c-section. I was told by my doctors that vbacs were very unsafe and that the […]

Birth Story of The Week: The Home Waterbirth of Samuel

Samuel is one today! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. For some reason I have been super emotional about him turning one. I wasn’t as emotional as I was with the girls. It’s not because he’s a boy. I don’t really know why. I just know that this year has flown by […]

Birth Story of The Week: The Home Waterbirth of Mariah

I’m so excited to start birth story of the week! Our first story comes from Tanashia. She blogs at The Tallahassee Huffs. Enjoy! *************** January 11, 2010 This Monday started off like most Mondays for me. I got off work at 7am after working a 12hr night shift on L&D. The night wasn’t particularly busy. […]