I Shared The Worst Day of My Life With A Memoir Writer

I’m sitting here with butterflies in my stomach and a lump in my throat because I’m about to share something deeply personal with you. It is not the whole story…only a piece, but it’s still hard to share. I’ve talked a little about the circumstances that changed our life several years ago but never giving […]

Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Samuel had to have blood drawn today and he was not happy about it. The temps are back in the high 80’s and it was a teensy bit humid today, so I promised the kids slushies and a park once we left the hospital. This time we visited Thomas Cloud Park. The kids played and […]

My Definition of Happiness

There is nothing like the sound of children laughing one of those full belly laughs. I came out from the laundry room to this scene the other day. Ava said Samuel was torturing her…they were both laughing so hard. Samuel looks like he’s taking a breather before he starts round 2 of sibling torture aka […]

Learning To Live Fearless

When I asked for help on my Facebook page with writing prompts and someone suggested the word Fearless, it stuck with me. I talked about fear earlier this year in my post What Could You Do If You Weren’t Afraid? I wasn’t sure why I felt a strong need to write about being fearless. What else could […]