Single Mom-Homeschooling-Daily Life Tool Kit

This month started out so strong. Everything seemed to be going according to plan and then Murphy’s Law happened…. of course it did. We’re in the middle of the month and my to do list is nowhere near completed. There are a few things I can push until next month, or the end of summer, […]

It’s Not About The Unwanted Pancakes

Saturday evening I drove to three different stores to put together the kids Easter gifts. I was beyond excited to find a pancake mix for Samuel that was dairy and egg free….I know I can make my own but I didn’t want to bother with an egg substitute and trying to get the consistency right. […]

Winter: Beautiful but Brutal

  During winter the sun is so bright and the sunsets are gorgeous, but winter can be brutal for us. We’re recovering and resting up from the illnesses, Er visits, and hospital stays that rained down on us last weekend. Both Ava and Samuel had one of the most severe asthma attacks they’ve ever had […]