Ten Days

Ten days ago I shared with you my word and plans for 2017. Focus. On myself, my goals and dreams.  I know ten days isn’t a long time to establish a habit, but when you’re a woman and mother, ten days of putting yourself first can seem impossible.

You are important. It’s ok to slow down when you need it. It’s ok to say no to others and yes to yourself. I’ve been doing this and I don’t feel guilty for it. I feel great!

I’ve been using my new Start Planner that I won in a giveaway. This thing is the mother of all planners. Daily, weekly, monthly, finances, meal plans, health goals, big picture, daily goals, accountability partners, vacation planning, holiday gift buying, and on and on. This planner seriously has it all and I was intimidated by it at first, but now I’m loving it!

This week has been a little rough. You would laugh and maybe cry at some of the things that have happened to me just since Monday. Normally I would keep pushing myself when I felt overwhelmed, but I took Tuesday morning/afternoon to do nothing but relax with The Magnolia Story, coffee and some Netflix.

I knew this book would be good! I’m really enjoying reading their love/business story.  It’s so inspiring and has given me an extra boost of confidence to go after the things I want.

What else have we been up to?

We attended a birthday party. Nakiah noticed the sunset on our way there and asked if she could take a picture. I’m thinking “Seriously?! Are you my kid? Yes, please take all the sky pictures you want!” Instead I was nonchalant about it… “Sure, grab my phone.” She took several in different spots as we drove and I was feeling so giddy because she’s really coming into her own lately.

She’s really coming into her own lately. She really enjoys art and taking pictures, so I’m doing my best to nurture those interests. She has a good eye and has always been great at freehand drawing. Once we stopped she told me about each photo and what she liked about it.

Starbucks… Salted Caramel Mocha for me and lemonade for the kids.

Made sure to stick to my budget when grocery shopping. Proud to say tomorrow will be seven days that we’ve lasted with the majority of what we planned for the week. I’m giving meal planning a try for the next three months to see if that makes life a little easier for me. I had to go to the store once during the week for more bread. We’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches lately.

I’m waiting on a few allergy friendly books to come into the library. Hopefully they’ll be there by Friday. The kids are getting older and more willing to try new foods. I made chicken fajitas on Sunday and they all liked it. Kiah has been wanting to bake more, and one of the books I’m waiting on is a vegan cake book. Samuel is going to love it!  I’m thinking the only thing I’ll need to substitute with the recipes would be the almond or coconut milk.

We spent Saturday in our pjs.

Ava went back to school on the 3rd, homeschool co-op for the other two started back up on the 10th. We’ve had allergy shots and Girl Scouts. It’s been a full week and we’re not done yet. I don’t feel guilty about taking time for myself. I feel great! Just need to get back into my exercise routine.

We still had snow on the ground earlier this week…

Today it was near 65 degrees! I spent 90 minutes at a park, practicing self portraits for my 52 Ordinary Moments project on Instagram.
When I dropped Ava at school this morning, I immediately started thinking about which park I wanted to visit. I drove straight to Hills and Dales right after I dropped Nakiah and Samuel at homeschool art class. It was pouring at first, but once it stopped I got out and took some pictures with my phone and my big camera.

Planning to get a tripod and remote soon. Think I lost 5lbs from having less than 10 seconds to run and get into place before the timer went off, but it was so much fun!

How’s your week been?