The Last Twelve Days

paint supplies

Anyone else still having trouble settling into this new year?
Seems like we’ve been going from one appointment to another for the last two weeks, and we’re just getting started.
There’s the dentist, the allergist, the pulmonologist, and I’m getting ready to add the optometrist.

I haven’t seen the sun in what feels like forever, but I think it’s really only been two days.
The library was a sanity saver last winter and we haven’t been at all since the move….but my dad ordered a few Usborne books for the kids and we have a small bookshelf in their play nook. Kiah really likes that Forensics book.
I know we would all enjoy checking out books from different libraries like we used to.


There’s been lots of crafting. The beginnings of a paper Mario.

making paper mario

How do ya like that attention to detail?


I was mentioned in this article with some amazing people: 10 people you should be following if you care about your kid’s education.



Drawing with Art for kids hub.

arthubforkidsdrawing arthubforkidsfrog

Playing with Kinetic sand. I thought this stuff would be great since it doesn’t dry out and holds it shape like modeling clay. Kinetic sand and playdoh are equal on my list of activities that I do not like at all. It was on sale for 70% off at Michaels, so I figured why not try it. Glad I didn’t pay full price for it!
Ugh, I promise I clean my bathroom, even though you can’t tell by looking at the mirror. It’s like the kids go in there and experiment.

Anyway, look at how sweet Kiah’s face is in this picture. Love her.
One good thing I can say about this kinetic sand, it’s a great sensory activity.


I picked up a few skeins of Lion brand thick and quick since it was on sale.
Ava wanted to pick out her own “I want chunky but soft yarn because it works best when I make my chain scarves.” 


She ended up choosing this super bulky in what she calls “sheep white”
I love all the different patterns in this photo, the look of concentration on her face, and all of her dolls piled up beside her.


James Bond in a basket, because he’s cute.
This is his basket, when the kids get home and set it on the floor, sometimes he “helps” pull their plushies out so he can crawl into it.


I think this was a tea party for the littlest petshops. Samuel let the girls use his tool box for the table.


Forts are the perfect cold, dreary weather activity.


The kids running around the gym while waiting for our monthly community church dinner to start.

gymplay twirling

I’ve been working on ideas for the girls room, storage ideas for the kids play nook. One of my goals for this spring is to start decorating and organizing one room at a time. Hopefully it won’t seem like such a big job if I do it that way. I’m also making a master list of activities for us to do throughout 2016 and will share it in an upcoming post.