Thirteen Moments

One of my friends on FB shared this post and it really resonated with me!
I agree that busy is a sickness and I did wear it as a badge of honor not too long ago.
We enjoy being on the go but also enjoy slowing down and hanging at home to relax.

I do like the idea of thinking of our life as full instead of busy, because it is…. but there’s also some things I’m doing that aren’t necessary at the moment.
I don’t have or need to try to do everything all the time.
Friday was emotionally rough and I made a decision to relax and enjoy the weekend…and said I would deal with all the crap on Monday.

Last night I set aside the expectations I’ve put on myself recently. Trying to make ideas work and getting bent out of shape because they aren’t working was making me all kinds of cray-cray.
The answer isn’t no – it’s not right now and I’m learning how to accept that.
Letting go of what I can’t control is freeing.

Sharing thirteen moments from last week that made me happy…

marchinginthesnow sorry

Reading to the kids before bed.

Watching How To Train Your Dragon.



Scheduling our last occupational therapy appointment.


Signing the kids up for Minecraft.

Watching The Good Wife on Hulu.

dairy/egg free cinnamon sugar donuts for Samuel.
dairy/egg free cinnamon sugar donuts for Samuel.

Big Hero 6 and lunch with the kids over the weekend.

Running around town shopping and eating alone.


MarchWritingPrompts: The Mahogany Way

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Hope you have a great week!