Those Long Days

It’s been one of those long days where I bring my cheeses and bread over to the computer, and sit there wondering what I’m doing. I was supposed to take it over to the stove for my grilled cheese.
It’s only 9:40 something-pm and feels like it’s after midnight. The day started out at the ER for Samuel…his asthma wasn’t bad enough for them to admit him like they did three weeks ago(per my request since they gave me the option)and I didn’t want to wait for him to get to that point either. He had been having trouble since Monday night, but I was managing everything fine from home, and then last night he kept waking up. I gave him a breathing treatment and he seemed to get better until he woke up for the day. We were at the ER from 11a-4p. Three young children in a tiny room for hours and hours, and a crabby nurse….not my idea of a good time.

This moment right here is the most still and quiet they were before Samuel fell asleep towards the end of our stay.

photo (14)

My dad watched the kids for me while I dropped the prescriptions off and ran to the yarn store. A.C. Moore has these awesome 55% off one item coupons at least once a week. And I have no trouble driving 20-30mins out-of-the-way to use that coupon and rack up rewards!
Then it was back to pick up the prescriptions…I dropped them off at 6:30 and at 8:30 they still weren’t ready. Guess it’s a busy time of year all the way around.
The cashier was nice enough to offer for me to pay for my small pile of groceries at the counter since I had been waiting so long. That was very sweet of her and I told her so.

I’m walking out to the car and can’t find it…after several minutes I remembered I parked at the other end of the store. For some reason my mind was still on what I had done hours before. I came home to library books spread across the living room and my three loves happy to see me, and I wasn’t even gone 3hrs.
I’ve got the kids in their pj’s, the girls are playing with their petshops, and Samuel is having a breathing treatment while he watches the very first episode of Ninjago on Netflix. That boy and his love for Legos.
I  did make it to the stove to fix my american and pepper-jack grilled cheese sandwich.

Didn’t think I would get a post up tonight….we won’t talk about the other days I missed this month. I’m a bad NaBloPoMoer.
Time to get them into bed, catch up on at least one of my tv shows, and possibly do a little knitting.