Thursday Talk: Being The Facilitator

What does it mean to be the facilitator? For me it means keeping up on things that interest my kids and bringing more of that into their lives for as long as they want. Helping them find answers to questions if I don’t know the answer myself.

Nakiah has an interest in volcanoes, bones, and more recently tornadoes. We take her to the library to get books on those subjects, and of course we use the internet to watch videos. She wanted to know where tornadoes come from and if they are going to come here where we live. We watched a couple tornado videos. We talked about how tornadoes can happen anywhere with the right weather conditions.  She didn’t ask anymore questions and went on to do something else. I also think that being the facilitator means allowing your kids to choose their own interest and allowing them to follow those interest for as long as they want. That could be two months, one day, or several years. I also don’t like to tell them how they are going to learn about something. I don’t only use books. We love books in this house, but we also love using the computer and TV.

There are so many ways to learn about everything. Documentaries, maybe you have a friend or someone in the family your child can talk to about a particular subject. We have this big world, and there are so many ways to go about gathering information. Get creative! Share in the experience with your child. You may learn something you didn’t know, or re-learn about something you may have forgot about. It happens to me all the time.
Maybe your child loves to craft, so then your job as the facilitator would be to stock up on craft supplies. They love Star Wars? Help them gather all the information they want to about the series.
Your kids love plants? Help them grow some.

Expect lots of questions and answer them all the way down until your child is satisfied.
Ava asks lots of why questions and Nakiah asks lots of how questions.
Don’t get irritated when your child has a lot of questions. They are coming to you because they trust you and they believe that mom/dad have all the answers.

Being the facilitator is fun. I get to be the guide, the librarian, the researcher along side my kids.