Two Weeks Worth

Figures I set a blog challenge and then I’m without internet the very next day.
When the internet is back on, the charger for my laptop starts shooting sparks at me! At least I’ve been able to keep up this challenge via Instagram. If you follow me there then you’ve seen most of these already.

This is what we’ve been up to for the last two weeks in no particular order.

Bubbles in the mornings before his sisters wake up.


Thoroughly enjoying cooling off.


A late afternoon/early evening Starbucks run or two…


Allergy testing.
Two food groups and a ton of environmental *big heavy sigh*
Now she carries an Epi pen and has been put on a couple new medicines.


Candy and more water play at one of the local town centers.

IMG_0912 IMG_0911

Taking over the Spectrum Inspired account on Instagram this week.
Sharing our story with all its joys and challenges.


Alone time with this girl, making Puppy Chow for the church picnic using Sun Butter and Enjoy Life vegan chocolate chips.
We followed the directions off the back of the Chex box. The kids LOVED it!

IMG_0943 (1)

Sunday morning while I was doing her hair.
No, I didn’t stage this.


Making magic right where we are…


Not pictured:

Lego play
Pokemon Go
Park play
Night At The Museum
Learning songs for VBS