1. I enjoyed reading this. I always liked reading about the freedoms your children have, and the way they are able to relax. Not feel that stress.

    • Darcel

      Thank you. I try really hard not to put my stress off on them. I was just watching them riding their bikes and digging in the dirt outside. I thought about how happy they looked and figured I must be doing something right.

  2. KE'SHA

    I often feel the same about this journey, glad to be reassured by knowing my fears and apprehensions are shared and it’s ok. Thanks for pointing out those small wonders we miss when we get in our children’s way

  3. This is so inspiring to read. You see yourself trusting your kids, but I also see you trusting yourself! it has been a little while since I had an insecure bout with unschooling. However, I know it may and probably will happen again. It is so inspiring to think of someone many miles away, raising her children in this wonderful way. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Loved reading about your journey to trust. I experience many of the same doubts and also catch myself focusing on lack. How nice to recognize that it’s a cycle and that we do emerge into trust once again.

  5. I’m gonna have to bookmark this page for the next time that I start freaking out about my son’s progress. Elegantly worked through and stated. Thanks.

  6. Joanna

    A very enjoyable read. For me I find I question myself when others do and I’ve just had to make a decision about not letting other people judge me to the point where I feel like apologising for doing something that I believe in and is legal! Your photos are beautiful, I hope you’ll post more as your unschooling journey progresses.

    • Darcel

      Joanna, I do the same thing sometimes. Lately I’m getting in the mindset of not worrying about what others think. I was always explaining myself. Someone is always going to disagree, but it’s not their family, so it doesn’t really matter! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  7. Kisha

    I loved this. I’m also somewhat of an unschooled, my motto is pretty much, give the the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic and everything else will fall into place. Nonetheless, I too have those moments of doubting whether we’re “doing” enough. I could really relate to everything you mentioned in this article; it’s about the journey and the time spent together that makes the difference. Our kids are ALWAYS learning!

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