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In Praise of The Unexceptional: Because Unschooling Doesn’t Have to Be Impressive.

“[T]he unschooling path is meant to be a joyful and natural one, not an exemplary one that can be held up as proof as Unquestionable, Absolute Success. At the end of the day, my unschooled children may only look different by their memories and how much they love and expect to love their lives–that’s good enough for me.

Just like everyone else, the lives of each unschooler will vary quite a bit. What unschoolers, no matter their age, share is a similar attitude towards learning. How that manifests in the lives of each unschooler is going to be different, and how closely it aligns with the dominant culture’s version of success (or the unschooling community’s prioritization of travel and entrepreneurship as success) is going to depend on the person you’re looking at.”

My Most Popular Posts on Unschooling:

Unschooling and Autism.

We live and we learn through living.
It doesn’t matter if the interest is Japan, dinosaurs, trucks, sharks, animal jam, fashion, the solar system, gardening, human anatomy, zoology, or Mario Bros….I support them. We watch documentaries, cartoons, get books from the library, use puzzles, make up games with flash cards, attend homeschool co-op, find nearby classes, museums, Lego, and youtube videos. We go to the parks and beaches, festivals, and travel out of town when we can afford it.
The point I’m trying to make is that having a child with Autism hasn’t changed my view of what unschooling is and looks like for our family.
Children learn through play and I don’t think having a child on the spectrum is any different, not for us.

Unschooling Reflections.
I’ve been under so much stress lately and felt like I’m constantly in a state of anxiety….not a good feeling and not a good way to live your life. I found myself being more short-tempered than usual, especially with Nakiah. Her strong, energetic personality, mixed with mine can be a recipe for disaster some days.
I’ve had to really step back and figure out what to do.

Unschooling: Getting It.
I get Unschooling in a way I didn’t four years ago when we started this journey. I was pushing my fears and insecurities onto them. I had to examine why that was and then stop doing it. I feel like I’m looking at my kids and life with fresh eyes.

Dyslexia and Unschooling.
Most people think that Dyslexia is all about writing, reading, and spelling. It does affect those areas of life, but some of the things I noticed with myself and Nakiah have a lot to do with any of the three.
I used to worry and wonder if being unschoolers and not using formal curriculum made things worse for her, but I have mostly given up on that line of thinking. I say mostly because I still have my fears and worries at times, and it was until the last six months when I finally learned to chill out.


My Favorite Blogs on Unschooling.

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Ordinary Life Magic.

Verde Mama.

I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write.



Joyfully Rejoycing.

Living Joyfully.


Sandra Dodd – Radical Unschooling

Enjoy Life Unschooling

Life Learning Magazine


 I will continue to add to this page of Unschooling Resources as I come across new materials, websites, blogs.

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  1. I just messaged you and would love to talk. My daughter is also dyslexic and autistic and homeschooled!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on unschooling. I’m just getting to better understand the unschooling concept. But, I think it’s worth the stake. Besides, all good things tend towards personal development and startups which has nothing to do with formal school. The best bet is keying into one’s passion and doing everything possible to reduce stress and live a healthy life while pursuing one’s goals.

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