Virginia Beach American Indian Pow Wow













I really love living in Virginia. There’s always something going on and plenty of those activities are inexpensive or free. About two weeks ago I went to the YMCA to get a membership and passed Mt Trashmore, one of our favorite parks. We couldn’t help but notice the crowd tents, There was also a pretty big sign as we turned down the road, but I couldn’t read fast enough and drive, so I told the kids we would walk over after we finished at the Y.

The American Indian Pow Wow was so nice! The weather was gorgeous and we could hear the drums from far away and the closer we got we were able to make out the clothing. The girls thought all the feathers were pretty awesome. Our first stop was to listen to the drums and watch the tribal dancing. We ran into our friends and watched the dancing for about 10 minutes. Ava started to get restless and wanted to go see what else was going on.

They had food and lots of exhibits…we spent the majority of our time checking out the exhibits. We didn’t make it through all of them. Samuel was getting tired and hungry, and I didn’t bring my wrap with me. We made it through a good amount though! It was fun oohhing and ahhing over everything. There was a lot of “mom, look at this! oh check this out! can we go over there and see that next? look kids, a giant dream catcher! oohhh….lets go look at the skeletons when we’re done over here.” The vendors took time to answer the girls questions and show them their merchandise. One of our favorites was the crocodile heads and skeletons of various animals. I wish I had the money to buy those because I would’ve.
Instead we walked away with some instruments, a wooden snake for Samuel and a couple of dolls for the girls.

I lost these pictures on my phone and I’m so glad they appeared again after I reset it. Can’t wait to get a ‘real’ camera. I’m happy to work with what I’ve got for now.

Is your area of the world always booming with activities?