Weighted Creations: Weighted Blankets – Winner Announced!

If you are the parent of a child or children with Sensory Processing Disorder, then what I’m about to say will sound very familiar.
All four of us have some sort of Sensory Challenges.
Clothes need to be 100% cotton or made from soft, satiny materials.
All three of my children are super sensitive to food textures and brands, socks have to be lined up just right along their toes, shoes need to fit as tight as possible. I have one who falls asleep easily, one who usually requires snuggling to get to sleep, and one who has trouble with sleep. Trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, and wants nothing touching her so she can get to sleep.

I’ve heard of and read about weighted blankets, but the majority of them are ridiculously expensive!
Then I found Jeri and her Weighted Creations blankets are affordable and very well made…and super cute!

“Weighted Blankets and lap pads help those diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, and insomnia, as well as other disorders.”

I had Nakiah in mind for these blankets since she has the hardest time settling to sleep, but Samuel and Ava enjoy them more than she does. The blanket and lap pad have been used on a daily basis since they arrived a couple of weeks ago.
One time Ava was upset about something and she came out into the living room. I asked her if she wanted to play with my phone and she hopped up on the couch, I gave her the blanket and she calmed down almost instantly. She said the blanket felt really good and that it was the perfect size for her. She calls it the heavy blanket.


Samuel seems to be on his way to dropping his midday naps, and that can make for a very cranky boy some days.
I’ve been using the blanket with him at night to help him settle down to sleep. He also likes the weight of the blanket, and he enjoys using the lap pad as his pillow sometimes.

Nakiah likes to toss the lap pad around because it’s heavy and it feels good in her hands.
I’ve sat under the blanket several times while reading, or sitting at the computer.
You can see the lap pad in the picture.
The weight Blanket and lap pad are both black minky on one side and chevron on the other.


This is what Jeri had to say about her family, why she started Weighted Creations, and her creative process.


“I’ve been married almost 7 years to my husband Ryan. He’s going to school here in Idaho. I stay home with the kids and run them to the numerous therapy appointments as well as run my business.  All three of my kids, ages 2-6, have sensory problems as well as other learning disorders. It’s hard, but I wouldn’t trade a thing. We love the outdoors and love to camp during the summer. I enjoy sewing, reading, cooking, baking, playing with my kids, crafting, shopping, and an occasional tv show.

When my son, Damien, started seeing an occupational therapist for sensory issues, he recommended getting a weighted blanket. So I looked online and didn’t find anything I liked, and wasn’t going to spend ALOT of money on one that was just ugly. So I figured out how to make them thru extensive research and made Damien his own weighted blanket. He took to it right away and it was a life saver. After several months, I decided to sell it, and was amazed at the comments I had received, there were so many people needing these for their children! So after much pondering and talking to my husband, I opened Weighted Creations on facebook. Business has been great! In two months, I’ve sold over 30 items, all over the United States and I love hearing how the kids handle them. It’s fun to see pictures and hear the reviews. I’m flattered when people tell me they love my stuff, my creations!

As far as my creative process goes, I will ask questions about what your kids like. What’s their favorite color, character, animal, theme, etc. It’s so important that you order something your children loves, so they’ll want to use it. I can’t express that enough! I will spend hours looking thru fabric stores to find the right material for my client. I also use high-end fabric, that you might not find everywhere.”

WeightedBlanket Collage

Jeri is offering a 6lb rectangle shaped lap pad or dinosaur to one of my lucky readers!

You can show Jeri some love and keep up to date on her latest creations via Facebook, Etsy, and Instagram.

**Leave a comment for an entry. Please make sure to include your email address(visible only to me). You have until April 3rd to enter.
The winner will be announced within this post on April 4th**


Darla, you are the winner of the weighted lap pad! Congratulations!!!!!