What Freedom Looks and Feels Like

tmwcar ridinghigh samplaying meandmygirls

I LOVE my new car! Isn’t it fabulous!?I want to pink it up a little bit….looking at this hot pink leopard steering wheel cover, or some fuzzy pink dice to start.  I won’t bore you with the details of everything I’ve gone through in the last month or two trying to get a car….just know it was rough and I cried, cussed, and threw tantrums. I feel so relieved, happy, and blessed. I’m sure this smile will be plastered on my face for a while.

FREEDOM! The kids are just as excited about the new car as I am. The first night I took them through a drive-thru and drove around the city for a while. Yesterday we hung out with family at Chuck E Cheese and today we’re headed to the grocery store and possibly picking up some flowers to plant for Earth Day.

p.s. I’ve opened the blog up for sponsorship again(super excited about that) and there’s a giveaway for BYOU magazine going on until the 25th.