Who am I?


I am a fighter, survivor, and risk taker.
Took me a while to see it and be comfortable with calling myself this, but now I can say it with ease…I’m a writer and a creative.

I can come across as being cold and distant, but that’s me protecting myself and getting a feel for who you are.
Once you get to know me you’ll see that I have a big heart, love to laugh and have fun.
I’m also fairly sassy and if my mouth isn’t getting me in trouble the look on my face definitely will.

My favorite colors are pink and red, but I wear a lot of black and gray.
I love getting dressed up for church on Sundays. I’m a girly girl and make no apologies for it.
Playing with colors and patterns is so fun, and wearing heels makes me feel like more than “just a mom”.
I wish I had more places to go where I could dress up, and would probably wear heels every day if it fit my lifestyle.

Even though I have a major bug phobia, I still enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Give me a good action movie, thriller, or drama over an unrealistic romantic one any day.

I prefer the dark and quiet of night after the kids are in bed, and will often stay up until 2am(or later).
Running on little sleep is normal for me, but a strong cup flavored coffee is my bff in the mornings.

1/52 Jumping in a week late with the Eyecandyproject52.